Thursday, April 11, 2013

Client Spotlight - Email Marketing

American Investment Services is our Client Spotlight of the day. Based in Los Angeles, CA American Investment Services works with citizens of multiple companies for investing in American businesses and real estate. You can learn more about this client by visiting them online at

Email Marketing in 2013
If you are not taking advantage of email marketing, you are missing a huge opportunity to connect with your customer base and potential customers. Looking to get started, we are fans of the Email Marketing services that are offered by GoDaddy. 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Client Spotlight - Logo Design Discounts

With offices in Newport Beach, CA and Las Vegas, NV our Client Spotlight this week is the Alcoholic Beverage Development division of US Beverage Manufacturing. If you have ever thought about launching a Private Label Wine, Beer, Malt, Spirit or Liquor this is THE company to call. You can visit them online at to learn more about this division of US Beverage Manufacturing. 

Get A NEW Corporate Logo for $99!
If you are looking for a new logo, or wanting to update your logo check out the guys at - We have worked with dozens of graphic designers and they blow everyone out of the water in terms of quality and of course, pricing. 

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Client Spotlight and GoDaddy Hosting Discounts

With offices in Alabama (US) and China, AGS offers Printed Circuit Boards and Electronics components sourcing solutions with a highly developed network of technical manufacturing resources. Learn more about AGS Limited by visiting them online at

GoDaddy Website Hosting Sales
Looking to get your website online. Check out the hosting specials going on now with GoDaddy hosting plans. 

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Client Spotlight and $3 Domain Names

Based in Peachtree City, 1080 Connect Communications is a turnkey provider of Home Automation solutions the Metro Atlanta area. If you are looking for a home automation solution such as Home Theater Design/Installation, Surround Sound Systems, TV Mounting, Television Installation, CCTV Camera Systems or Whole House Audio --- this is the company to call! They have been the recipient of numerous local awards including the 2011 and 2012 Super Service Award from Angie's List. You can visit them online at and learn more about this Peachtree City Home Automation company. 

Small Business Savings - $3.00 Domain @ GoDaddy
In the market for a new domain name? Head on over to GoDaddy and pick up your new .com domain name for the low price of $3.00! This offer is valid through April 16, 2013. Click on the link below to take advantage of these savings:

2013 Client Spotlight

The Website Shack is an Atlanta, GA based web design and internet marketing firm. We have had the honor of proudly serving our clients in Atlanta and nationwide for the last 10 years. It has been an amazing ride and everyday is better than the day before. We have one of the most diverse client lists in our industry from one man shows to a Fortune 500 client. Over the course of the next few months we will be doing a Client Spotlight each day. With over 100 clients, this should take us into the summer where we have a large announcement that should be ready to make.

The purpose of the Client Spotlight is to provide visibility of our clients amongst each other in hopes of opening the networking channels. From landscaping companies and law firms to candy stores and hair salons, our client base is one that consists of services that can be used for personal or business services.

Stay tuned as we launch the Client Spotlight section to our blog on Monday and be sure to check back as we will update this section on a daily basis. We love each of our clients the same, so to keep it fair we will be going in alphabetical order by domain name. Meaning the first up on Monday is 1080 Connect Communications - a Peachtree City, GA based provider of Home Automation solutions.

Avoiding Cut and Paste Social Media Marketing

I was recently having dinner with a friend of mine who is in charge of the social media marketing and all internet related postings for his company. At some point during the meal, the conversation switched to me asking him how he engages his social followers and determines the right content for using on the company social media channels. His answer surprised me and if you have an internal marketing team, you will want to make sure that they are not practicing the same marketing methods as my friend.

My friend is a very organized person and has an outline for everything that will happen in his life. He had his wedding planned before he met his bride, the names of his kids picked out before he was a father and the floor plan for his house while he was still sharing an apartment with two college friends. So the answer should have come as no surprise when he told me that he had his social media updates ready for the next six months and just does a copy and paste into HootSuite and everything is updated in a matter of seconds. WHAT?! Six months! To which he gave me a look like I was crazy and confirmed his statement with pride. 

I am all for planning ahead in life and business. In the business world and more importantly in the social media world, six months can be a lifetime and unless your company has a crystal ball, your marketing plan and pre-designed social media updates could blow up in your face. Think about where you were six months ago in your own business and everything that has changed in that time. Not to mention the changes in society, the economy and politics. 

I am not discouraging the benefits of planning ahead. Your social media marketing plan should have goals that you want to achieve and an outline or road map to get you there, but make sure that you have it written in pencil and are not doing cut and paste updates. Take the time each week to inform yourself on what is going on in the world. Are there changes in your industry, new competition that has popped up or a world event that could impact your customers. Be prepared to shift your efforts and social posts to avoid being an outdated cut and paste robot. Your followers will appreciate the efforts of your marketing and you will have the upper hand on your competition by having a view on the industry and trends of your target audience on a regular basis.

Is your internal company social media plan suffering or did you hire a cut and paste social media management company to be your online voice? We can help

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Web Design - Never Forget Your Customers

Your website is the spokesperson for your company and the products that you offer. Chances are that your products and services appeal to a particular crowd or customer base --- your website should be a direct reflection of the audience that you are targeting. Sounds like a simple statement right? You would be surprised at the amount of websites that tend to go in the opposite direction. 

We recently did a redesign for a healthcare company and gave them a powerful look that was in line with the industry trends, client base and the marketing tools needed for recruiting and growing their customer base. That was before the revisions. By the time we were done with the client revision requests there were loud colors, flashing lights and pictures of bunny rabbits. You read that right ... we were asked to put pictures of bunny rabbits on the home page because "everyone loves bunnies". Needless to say a few months after the website launched, the individual we were dealing with was replaced with another and our original concept was returned to a functional status and the client is now receiving a 400% increase in traffic, higher visitor conversion rate and praise for the features on the website. 

While that was our most recent example of straying from your services and customers, it happens more often than you would think. Some find it is tough to separate their personal likes and desires from the visions and goals of the company. You can find these websites in almost every industry. If you are considering having a website designed for your business or a redesign of an existing website, you should first start by researching what your competitors are doing. Read reviews from online consumer forums and listen to what people are saying about their likes and dislikes of your competition. If you have an existing website, put a poll on your site and ask your customers what they would like to see on the redesigned website. You may be surprised at how easy and FREE that advice can be. When it comes to the design, functions and tools on your website, you should always have your customers best interest in mind.